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Ubiquitessly used in modern ethernet.

Hosts connected by twisted cables to a box called a switch in a closet.

—–Hub repeater is physical layer, all ports are wired together.

—–link layer is a switch. Switch look at sources and destination addresses. host on port 1 to output port 4, at same time port 2 sends to port 3. Two messages at same time, hub does only one message to all ports.

## so what if two hosts send message through switch fabric to same port?! Need buffer to temporarily store frames until they can be sent on inport to outport. Thank you Moorse law

##Also buffers can only hold so many packets so that is how loss occurs.

## full duplex means wire goes out and has input at same time.

Switches need to find the right output port for the destination address in the Ethernet frame. How?

Algorithm Backward…

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This story is in chronological order as you scroll down the page.

Counting down from Sphinx_16 – Sphinx_1.

Science fiction with concepts such as Artificial Intelligence, and Genetics experimentation.

Hope you enjoy, this is not a finished draft so modifications can be expected in the future.



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“Life is simple,” thought Jeff “input output.”
Laying down the Russian imitation of the slovakian eleven cmps Projectile Plasma gun with an additional South American converter linked with the
Retro Columbian Taser for one hell of a punch, unlike the modern Colombian Taser SG52, the regular 11 Projectile Plasma Gun especially is equipped with
the traditionally used CT_SG12 which is systematic nervous system paralyzing technology.

While the CT_SG52 in terms of capability, is mainly utilizing a variance in the electrical amplitude to disrupt the streamlined currents to shut down
system hardware and synthetical robotics – meaning a disruption far too powerful a human can withstand. So the 11 PPG is used for emergency and the
CTSG12 for disabling the opponents tools. Jeff modified it to dual wield, although it took a bit of time and Jeff thought it was elaboate. More cleaning and maintenance,
the silver outlier was his favorite style. He placed the plasma projectile on the living room desk with the taser.


Outside the window he saw the commotional aftermath of a rear-ended car, time to go. The Thracian artifact, a mask, he threw into the satchel closing the re-rendered
hologram and shoving it back in the levered brown suit case. Aurora his personal AI spoke through his micro earpiece, ‘Jeff do you really think this is
the path you should take? I mean, man Jeff I know you got spunk and all but this does not seem like the right entry.’

Jeff shook his head disoriented winging himself down the curled over hangings down the hallway. “Jeff, I have done the research and looked for symmetries in the
algorithm, everything the data is telling me it isn’t there.” He grunted using his sub-vocals he specifically designed Aurora to interpret, sub-vocals are your inner Voice
and inner vocal cords as sub-conscience voice, his Japanese buddy Komeah trained to think without it, Aurora also acts as a firewall dispatching a zero signal.

“It is there, ” His voice broke, “Just check the data again.” Turning right to the exit door out of the stairwel, ducking his head down and throwing up his hoodie.
“That or it’s invisible.” Aurora interjected with a tone of implemented intelligent inertia ‘Maybe, you are wrong, that’s not unusual of course, but possibly
there isn’t any data type, maybe they left a physical paper trail-inhibiting any way to come across that information via the information highway, however
I will run the calculation over again.’

Exiting the tall building, Jeff drew out his gun simultaneously his right hand comes across his body jamming the charger on as he walked.
Quickly without looking, his left hand pulls the trigger at the rear-ended car, the 11 PPG hissed and wrathed it’s invisible coils. It tases through the empty
car throwing its net disabling everything in the light of day. The electric field was no more. The recoil made a passerby flinch.

As he walks briskly recalibrates the pistol then disengages the safety. “Aurora, check for roaches, bugs, and – worms,” ‘already on it JJ, locating possible sources
as we speak, possible zombie computer 38 percent, and numbers still crunching, JJ, looks like a live one.’

“Damn!” JJ Jerks his head, referring to the 11PPT, “Glad we modified the old gal.” He taps the plasma side with his hand.

‘Does 22 Pearson have any bio – ‘Just a cat. I believe a few synthetic robotic devises are jumbling around but with no detection capabilities, other than
greetings, which increases’ — The probability of zombie computers used by hackers from other locations, I know, I know’ Jeff’s smile curves up ‘You think
all bios are stupid don’t you, but you know we also have something else going for us.’

Aurora katinated loudly ‘Like what? Your stink!’
‘Jeff Johnson clearly doesn’t smell.’ Now he speaks audibly, changing from sub-vocals, resetting course on another tunnel-way. He grabs the ivory cross
from under his shirt and kiss it.

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“No, we have – soul, don’t forget that.” He smirks, bumps the door with a tight shoulder thrust, the Catholic district always had a sensitivity for the old fashion,
something he appreciates but isn’t shared.

‘Yeah, definitely a record on time today.’ she jockeys ‘Maby you should try out an Iron Man competition.’

‘Ok, I’m shutting you down now.’ Jeff says the key word with his sub-vocals, the off button.

The room smelled musty, dust stirring up the room artificial or not he couldn’t decipher, on the upper deck is filled with angel hair formations. He clicks
the side of his oval glasses and dark blue shades reticulate the lenses. Creak, creak, creak. What is that, he paused the instinct of creeps up his spine, nervous
system reacts to chemicals the byproduct of anxiety; the side effect of the blood thinners he’d taken, no doubt the end result of his headache. A constant

With the tips of his fingers he gently eases out of his satchel, pulling his left hand a grey red ball at the center the colors meet a white button.

Oh yes he thinks that is just what we need, it is a custom flash grenade. Up the railing, second story all clear.
Something is missing, the signal correlates this location, so where is the computer?

Glitch is possible but not likely, this is new hardware after all, maybe it is a ghost. Spooks are always doing this shit. Extra terrestrial might be –
‘get ahold of yourself, post paranoia is not an easy one to cope with.’

Jeff eases himself. No there has got to be a basement. He checks the first floor clausit, just as he suspects no ghost, no boogy man. The bottom of his
foot gives way. He sweeps under the rug.

“Old tricks never die.” A trap door with brass hinges. He tosses the flash ball inside. And climbs down the latter. The low pink light envelops the room
for the next few minutes.

The computer is there, Jeff examines around the room. He looks through a few drawers. Searches the keyboard for fingerprints. Nothing. He brings his arm to the head and wipes the cold sweat
from his brow before reaches the side of his glasses. Click. The blue lense turns once again to regular clarity. No use prolonging his main priority for
the sake of individual safety.

The computer he noticed hadn’t been used recently. The screen saver was old. As much as three years. Maybe five. The manufacture number was in an odd location.
Small private corporation. Odd for this area.

“Aurora? You there. What do we have so far?”

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‘I have something strange coming through the data strings. There have been a reported two deaths in the last three months, a total five in the last year alone,
Police are investigating.’

“That is puzzling. What were the cause.”

‘All suicide, they were of ages 20 to 40. Investigation while still underway seems to be agreeing with local reporter headlines of a suicide cult.’

“Roomers have big noise these days, even politicians take note.”

Sounds subdued yet Aurora maintains formality. ‘From other informatics local gangs, prison breaks, and small time con-artistry has been arise. The computer mainframe
linked to GPS and Handel AI informatics has a block on further public information. That is normal corporate privacy now days, rights of the corporation in this area.
Of course hackers eat this up like roadkill. This search returns another dead end Jeff.



“Mr. Pursy,” a six-foot-two man in a business suit gestured ” lets be honest, you have a lot of money and no friends or family. A personality disorder. Oh and no one likes you. Two body guards
smile and chuckle the bald one especially louder.

“You have lots of money, why people respect you. If you want my respect you pay me. Consider it a tax write off. I’m the collector, understand. Now tell me
what is your cash flow and retained assets” The gestures stopped and he stared Pearson square in the eye. His face got red. Slightly bobs his head without eye
contact he speaks “Oh, I dunno. I’ll have to take a look at the books.”

Pearson jerks his suit down a bit “I don’t have time for this, I don’t care what you situation is, and I know you have money. Your a smart man Pursy, if your
smart you’ll give me the money. Im the organized crime, but I’m also a business man. So “Chuck” you better make sure that’s what I get.”

Both body guards mock him “Yeah, huhu, Chuck. Sounds better than what exactly.”

The henchman grumble “Uh, well what you said Boss.”

“Pearson is the only name that sounds good to you am I clear.”

“Yes sir.” “Yes boss.”

With smooth gentle eyes Pearson speaks calmly admiring the room. ” Like you Chuck I was a business man first, out to lead my people to prosperity.
We believe in prosperity, but only through the hard labour and daily toil and frustrations as I am sure you have endured many times over.
We are’t unreasonable. We just don’t want to get screwed for every penny we have, and you are going to guarantee that we don’t.”

With a sleek smile he said “I don’t want all of your money Mr.Pearson, just most of it. All through the natural business cycle of course.


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Charles Pursy was rich. He owned business after business from a meager beginnings. He had all the love and held to a high standard all of those around him.
His teachers were honored to have taught him. Very lucky and very fretful he gave back what he could. Always he thought outside the box, on occasion he
was right. And this was no different.
“That is not unreasonable, when do you want to have it. By what date do you want it I mean.”

“Let me clarify a few small matters with you first.” He thrust his fist into Charles gut, after a few more minutes of torture from Pearsons henchman 
the pain stopped. Years of boxing.

“Mr.Pursy we’ve seen your books. One million up front and overseas and amill every year after, dispursed from cash flows.
Your retained earnings we will get into later, to be invested as venture capital and some other third tier vendors. You will have much
more power than you do know that I will guarantee.

Pursy typed his account number onto the touch-pad Pearson gave him. “One million, done”

Pearson grinned showing all his teeth “As a lastin reminder we are a global organized criminal organization we don’t play games, we know
your every move.”

“That is where you are wrong. You can’t begin to know me, what happens when I choose to end this little venture.”

“I’ve thought of that,” Pearson grabbed a ball off the tripod. He mumbles “Trust is what a company relies on, I trust your employees have
medical coverage because you care about their health. You keep adequate records of identification and social security in a very secure database
because you care about their security and safety.

We also have that, we know when and where they vacation, where they live, who they call, and when they shit. Give us what we want for a while
and rest assured you’ll have your life back in the proper place it should be. Your ex-wife might even take you back once we are though you will
see things are better this way.

Looks at him pointing his ugly eye in its shrewdest form “Alright. One last thing you are forgetting. What am I getting out of this.”
And there in Mr.Charles Chuck Pursy had lost his honor, the last straw of his own moral standard. Pearson had won the last greatest Business man of old.


The computer was jamming. Jeff rerouted the signal and alerted Aurora to finish and test the code. In thirty seconds Aurora had tested,debugged,
at her mainframe construct she rewrote all of the remaining code. The USB flash drive was now accepted. The signal was to create a ploy imitating
the computer signal as if it were the real thing to snatching up any discrepancy to create an almost exact copy.

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‘Ok good, JJ but we are not out of the rabbit hole yet. The password needed as shown by the command prompt.
Da da dum… and we’re in. Three guesses not bad, putting some oil in gear. Ha, system maintenance used commonly during
those years manufactures would always use a few default passwords for the IT guys and sometimes the user would forget to delete
those maintenance passwords. Works like a charm.’

‘Aurora engage observation program key logger, and see if any programs were opened or written recently just in case, check-history
and software transmitted. Hustle, the International Computing Authorities should be processing the car accident, they’ll be here later
today. I ain’t goin back to jail for this shit, Alex can shove it.
‘All records copied from history and software transmissions, the computer is running slow JJ, must be booby trapped this might take another 
ten to fifteen minutes.’ Aurora was disappointed.

Jeff stared at the USB. ‘Send Sphinx to take care of it.’ He couldn’t risk it. Aurora played dumb ‘Why, take care of what, JJ.’

Jeff got pink in his cheek ‘ The USB obviously.’

Sphinx is very smart by all standards, even as a mouse. Bionic eye has been useful to their survalence unit. Its dual purpose
provides more flexibility then anything on the ground and operates as a signal transfer the Aurora and Jeff. Altering different
fields into crisp images and ray detection. For Sphinx this should be easy.

Jeff took off down the ally and blended in with the busy people walking on the side walk.

Jeff Johnson remembers the first day when he was fresh out of the grinder, out of sink with the rest of
public was nothing new. He usually wasn’t even out of sink with the sub-cults of the flaming techno fads.
A lot of glamour and flash fads either fades out of existence or fades into the fabric. It always boils back to the meld.
Fithy, grime and pipe-works, people seemed to be hopping to a new dance. Either something or someone was stirring the pot. He was
out of sink when he met Sphinx. No money, connections, or specialties. Might as well have been the first day of school.
The technology hadn’t set in.

A product of genetic twisting and biochemical experimentation. And how wonderful it is. Sphinx has 10 times the lifespan and twenty
fold the intelligence for the norm of his species And he landed on his lap. Not out of selection, or honor or of any other
virtue but the virtue of estrangism. The tarot of natural order, money, and esoteric technofeinism. Jeff quickly brokered a deal
from the heavens down to dirt. This was solar hot property that even he might not be able to hold quiet for long. Take that back,
quiet: yes, hidden:no.

He had broken out of a lab, top security entombed the place, deceived the scientists with mind games
and orchestrated his own escape right under their noses.

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