Alex let the latin music eco, the dumb of men. He take his hand back the glass on the table to counter.

“Are you wantin ice with that.” A real cowboy of olden days JJ shakes, “I don’t drink substance anymore, slide the sinthetic
bottle over, a little drink with ice nicely please and juice’ll do fine.”

JJ lached his satchel, took out the black paper of the item which was a mask. He gave the mask to Alex, who when handed the anchient artifact,
gave JJ a respectfull handshake. “This is a Thuracian mask, the horse and the dagger is beautiful. Thuracians were known for speed.
JJ I want you to listen closely, be carefull out there if you take on with this job be a good job judge for me it is a new client
and I dont play favors. Big money has moved around, business has opened new players are in the game. You will have to excuse me I have appointment.
And JJ, your tab is only a thousand metas now.” A history debate would have to wait. For some reason he hadn’t mentioned the dimond but felt that
he had known all along.

Sphinx now had a full closet he morphed into Dick Tracy, Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Gadget, Edison. He decided today was different he changed into a trench
coat and morphed into the obscure Asian physist with a low brim cowboy hat. “Well.” The tavern was open. “Not a bad day after all.” Rain sheat down from above.

Craps, Black Jack, pony rides. Sit on the balcony overlooking the village square between hazzy orange light. Mist porforate the clatter of crowd, umbrella and couple
run with to stay dry. Local business welcome them warmly. Today though he was alone. And that is the way he want it, he like it that way better.

Peace and tranquility come upon him. Sphinx breath in fresh air, and exales another. It is just the beginning, three weeks he had survive. He is situated
with two powerfull Allies. That is not what today is about because rest will come later somewhere ahe is still out there. In torment of expirimentation and testing, she
did not excape the riot and Sphinx is going to find her she is like a sister to him and lay heavily on his heart.


___________________TO BE CONTINUED____________________________

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