“Not only did we get the USB, but two numbers over a full license plate you got me man!? Two fucking leads man.
This dud is fire Im working with, he says he ain’t wasting this energy, this momentum you know what I’m talkin fresh
AI, he keeps his mouth shut. But he ain’t runnin for Taint. We got no leads the numbers aren’t tracin’ if you aint payin.
My boss will dig though, he is a steam engine, says you see somethin isn’t quite right so you see we arnt finish with this quite yet, ya theres
a few ss-problems no-morore like kinks but that is not whats its about. He has, he has. Alot to consider. And that is, what, how do you say “of connect”.”

Alex let the sediment clear before he began. “Well, to be polite.” He pause ” I haven’t met this partner of yours, is he imaginary Alex or will you break ice already.”
The strum of voice reverbrated.

“A heavy job I could pay you for this load and sell that information for some cracker a nice price, or the black red runs gold, high price maby for some.
It would be safer to shoot you or not take the information for the job. Information you see is there so much of these days. I sternely suggest. Uh hum,
I hear of a few deaths in that district, did you miss that? You did last time.” Alex move a little too quickly shadows tremble to drink his rum, gulp.

“Information might not be as valuable today as it was yesterday, and what is there if that is gone tomorrow? Is there too much, too little, what if it is
another job you want, I can help – but then I might not; the origin of origin may this not be of that but then again I could be a rat, it could be both.
So I have decide nothing over me you have. The fee for finders in that sector and the potential triail you are adventuring you fool do I even know you all too well set forth is on $10,000
minus the fees payed of, oh zero. The robot sergery you could pay, computer services have you already bought a grund or three in meta’s. And you pay it when you can. What you sight.
Right. No rush at all Jeff not at all.” For the first time Alex busted his cheek through his veins flailing over adrenaline gurgled through his foam. Never seen if before
no on had. They wouldn’t even be here. One day he would look back and wish he he’d be able to remember this moment whatever it was.

Jeff was stunned. Nod his head, shift eyes in infintile indiference, switch positions stupor of his expressed interpretation reasurance of understanding to save his talent
and confirm approval of a pre-homosaphien debate. Artful grace conjoined argument. This was not correct more would sacrifice be ever so correctly justified because of Alex,
the patient, Alex the slow virtue of patience introduced to the full scale of information. Now that he was back. And then.

“You have a job to do, JJ, redemtion. From the moment your cool interupted by jail sentence, doing time did you good but you must be back by dull expectations.
I can sense it, I am not always accurate in my judgement, I’m not in the right at all. Matter of fact. Now JJ, I know you have family or friends.
But who really does or doesn’t these days, all lost. It doesnt seem to have changed you, or for you as well.


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