## Recap, there are minor grammer problems, phrase problems and also contectual allocations missing like the last chapter Sphinx enters
##virtual world however there is no indication of this.

Down bellow cement was Aurora’s car, he hopped off and into the chrome door close behind him. ‘I was watching through your eye. You need backup,
don’t worry I am here for you so I can drive you safely back to headquarters. Maby you even start to like it.’

Aurora overead the GPS autopilot to manual. Athree year old, still young the Dogdge handle the road smoothly. She was intelligent, after all
she take the round trip home. Half through trip Sphinx get out of the car he run up to dash and spot a gas station. Scent ran through the air
he could smell with his nose; promegated fumes of the octane, arsenists. Residual left over carbon byproduct recent flame. Inquizical, probability
of events, chemical curves, protein mathematica, combustable, overordinary connected obstruction in his head. Suits were the closer.

The diamond fell with the satchel into the miniconsole, Sphinx lurched out the window. Without a word. After crawling, through the shadows
between neon light he arive there. Between car, fuel tank lay a man stood with nozzle on ground next to half his body held in his car. The other inside
the pantry.”He piddle paddle his loud feet make to much noise for rest of us! It was rammed before we got there partner.” Gunshots two men on the biosignature
now show only one more people in back of the merger. Now is only chance. Sphinx ran up the hose, jump from the back of the man not an option for normal mice because of depth.
His feet were lather in numbing fume he was immue to. Get six inches from a ccloth human and they wont feel it if you chomp. Rapid micronumbin was gift from JJ. The
muney goes far down here. The lack of sensation was gone almost begore it arrived. Sphinx drew a short breath and jump out the window off the car seat.
Qouick, quiete he got the phone from center console, memorixed last three callls from ID picked himself up right in Auroras cell parked accross
the street behind the station.

Sat there thinking, he, Jeff Johnson had turned things around in a week all by his self, no loans, no theft. He couldn’t quite get around the one thing
though ‘The car crashes into another car. The interface sparks to life vivid purple hologram surrounding cycles of parabola. Unlike anything. Sphinx
agreed. “It is beyond modern mathematica, statically knowledge base borge programming straight from section nine known phisics. That’s right Area Nine.”
it aint insurance dayta that is for sure.” Aurora murmurs. Just as Jeff thought , two men show up at a glitch lab just to touch base.” Throw in a birthday
cake and license plate.” no leads the phone numbers are seemingly phonee hot wires. Untreacable, if only his sensi taught him to be untreacable. He once
said his greatest mistake was to not lose to often on the respect and honor of the many he thought, fought. It is inthey not he who had won those
fights for him, at least that is the message he derived at years later.

“That is all we can do.” Blank stares from them both as Sphinx chewed on his cheese wheel repeated the. “This ain’t abrothe so stop trying to
get us foxxed! You don’t play games man, this is not something you can control. Let me talk to Alex see how much salvage we can get. A partial job,
would get more if we found out these rabbits, Jeff Johnson does not back down, he is packed for punch that is another thing for sure. If you had
anyone but Jeff Johnson this would not be a line to cross.

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