Ejaculated blue plasma everywhere. Eight twenty three a man spoke wtih a look of danger. “Could this be the final cycle of his life.
Why didn’t the fortune teller carry over the rich prophosy forseen of many and much abundance? A million philosophies, idealogies
and realities. Welcome to Seigle Enterprise the worlds first corporate city.” Hologram of a man holdin a pistol one cowboy
of the olden days. Entertainment advertisin. He lowers down a cubby the vent guides away from the busy advertisement. Not out of complication
or sophisticasy, but however from its innate random bread. The momentum could be useful if successful, and Jeff seemed to
have an innate trust for this man. That is respectable, battle the unknown to find the known, but never battle wisdom for wisdom sake.

Errors are abound, glitches in the network? Not a job, not a job. For Malware competitors? Certainly not part of their work.
Sphinx was split brained he could work in virtual world as well as the real. A box ran straight gold ruby cut chest, he
jumps over a box to the main mantel resting comfortably licking his paws and cleaning his fur. To ponder at the cup of
Prometheus. If the best case scenario is adehered to by proper planing the work turns to real tokens from a begginer group
and props from street cred. From deduction it would seem Alex has some real connections with JJ, but the job must be dirty exuding
all logical reason to criminal activity simply. To concentrate he closed his right eye.

Big Band was wistling trumpet. He distinguish the music to be on the outside, the deep low brass. He uses his optical eye to check
the signal the low profile waves were radio. Static. Car doors open and close.

Two men notice the inner door crack is damaged.

Damn someone had gotten here first. Tension filter through the air.

Bio signatures where people walk along the house were everywhere he could barely see the two enter the doorway.
The screen door was closed. Not the authorities.

The upright standing mouse eject the USB, secure it in his satchel. His first successful job. He had calculate the
entry points, exit points and escape route. This he had expect, he wait editing his plan for the near by vent. He clamber to the high duct.
To observe everything. Carefully the two men make no eyecontact, expression or even talk. One man in black suit, the other in gray.
The main man light up a cigarette the other pour gasonline. Neither make eye contact. Broad shoulder on his bulky chest, smoke of a vintage camel,
he toses the cigarette on the computer giving fumes, brings flame to life. Let there be light. The men were no gone,
he has the USB so it is time to go. He decide to exit through vent this time, just as it got dark he about turn his night vision on but his neck crane
hard left, collision force him to cnofunt a box solid three times his size. Ajewelry box with nothing fancy. Archaic almost.

Then he grab the lid open and force out a dull colorless diamond. Small enough for a satchel, if it were empty. The small mouse ran down the
quarter on other side of vent a satchel strap at his back running on three legs with the fourth carrying that football like object.
Mabye this job turn profit after all!


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