Circumvates the area, a super culmination of instinct intelligence truely free. The default body was not to his liking,
he quickly changed it to a customized form into that of the feline sphynx, naked and agile. Deliberate sure movement, silence to the dance of his grace.
‘I am the sphynx, the most evolved species known to man. Portal open and close for him.

JJ pop another asperin in his mouth, can not sleep because of flashback. He remember how disollusion can control him as
was with Jessica. Years ago, Alex Vinnys cousin on a gohst hunt had had fun.
Too much fun is not good. Vinny could not be happy with Jessica she is a drug addict; chemical, senthetic, bios, it didn’t matter. what is worse when he
confirm that JJ was also a drug addict his suspicions coiled. Maby JJ was not as bad could control himself more, but there was dishonor in it.
JJ even worse is more than just business, he is like a distant relative, familly. They should not face each other again, lest he must intervene. On the other hand
he kinda wanted to. Not for any real reason, more of an spiritual fealing of another time another place of love once had and love to come in another
life a strong duplicity he must atlas act upon, she no doubt feal the same, away from her this place could be the best thing to keep her safe. Not even
Vinny can gaurantee his or her safety on these streets.

Midsection of glow geoaquarium surround the room. Organism of living peace, every life is interconnected. The value of one is the value of another that is shared.
A man named Ray lays a quarterly result on the table with a short summary best paraphrased in as Pursy put “So we made money.” Immediately after
Roy left, Pursy places his account number and transfers two hundred and fifty thousand to power ring of Pearson Spinoza. Red and brown root surround
crystalline minerals, the best mandarine in the world jit just above the surface water, a feint trickle could be heard below the sound of leaves blowing.

…Two weeks later…

JJ was almost losing his dimeanor, public is always making him ship out his normal element. Almost out of market now. A Hollywood actor, an imposter.
Hustle on the street, bump into him on a walkway he just watch his feet. KNOW where he’s going. Face of the weary. Flustered crowd today.
A symphony swoone violins and tremello french horn. Aurora ‘ How do you like the music.’, ‘Good I thought you would.’

‘Sure. USB has been, information copy and retrieval faster than expected.’

‘Sorry, ah I don’t think I can hear you.’ Paper boy make an eye contact, JJ noted and stopped him with a peice of coin.

‘I am picking Sphinx up now’

‘In what’ Near a cheese vendor and farmer grazes a few vegtables and picks up a roll. ‘Jack cars too?’

‘Sphinx is allowing for an expense account, I rented a car jack-ass.’ His smile show only after the cheese roll was bought, his beard shook in Amish gratitude.
Silk money. Not a hard day in his life. Rules he live by are only two knowledge and execution. More noble than he work for corporation an venture capital, ya
real ethical too too much stable for him.

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