## Things comming along nicely, starting to remember more, and visualization improvement in writing.
## To work on the little grammer mistakes need worked on.

“Well to be modest, I am one of the oldest and most intelligent creatures alive, much older than you are. Since I chose you to be my team hense
chosen one. You and Aurora both have a responsibility now.” The room grew quiet.

” Good talk Sphinx, I think you’re growing on me.”
“You and I’m chosen number two, huh. But responsibility, wow, never had that before awesome.”

” And sinse we are on the subject I’ve fixed your VI so you can start testing out your eye full throttle, while you were raiding the local cheesecake
factory I got feild equipment. So how about we stick to this plan of yours for the next 40 hours and see how far that gets us.” ‘Oh Aurora its Jeff,
why do you think Sphinx is going through all the trouble of working jobs if he’s got all this money, head rush you think?’ ‘Mm money will
eventually run out Jeff, as for alterior motives he’s lived in a lab his whole life maby he’d actually like to live it. I don’t think he is going for
global mouse domination if thats what you mean.’

‘Ha, ha, very funny. Which reminds me how do I shut you up when your jokes get dry.’

‘You can do it manually and figure it out yourself, otherwise just ask I will still be off not like you have no privacy. I don’t live here, you know
I’ve got my own life too. I live in your computer but also another place of my own, a construct.’

‘Oh, actually no I didn’t know that.’

He called Alex shortly after via web phone.. In luck. A glitch tracking job. The spawn of a different era.
Alex and he were years apart but mastered hobbiests of the transparent age of artifact and land paranomalia. Sowing the faberic and foundations
to a tight nit group of obsessives, swindlers and upper enchilon excitement. The drug induced slums fueled paranoia but despite the forged
allusions JJ found to be the proper pipeline for connecting intellect and instinct. Alex owed him. “Thank you old friend, I wish you well on this job.
Do good and you will see more of this I can assure.” He envisions Alex in a silk robe with gold lasers that match his visage.
Probably doing more business than vacationing.

Hours later he fought the headaches, ignored neck cramps and buckled concentration. Runs fingertips accross his glasses, indiferent to distraction, a
type of hyper focus. A speckled chip on the uppper left of his lense seemed to be cause of irritation. He breaks from his computer
before inserts the password. “Aghh, time for a nap. Sphinx you are in. The eye is online now.”

White space covered the area, despit his excitement the mist made the area seem gloomy. Virtual space was always a pleasure but not as much
with the many times he had entered under careful observation of the scientist. The wanted intelligent being proven to interact and surpass
that of the other intelligent humans. Many times he goes into a hub of local networks rarely as a reward he was able to wonder freely in open world.
When he broke out he entered on his own in virtual world he was now equal to the humans in body, mind, soul.

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