Light years from anything he had ever studied and a solar system away from anything he had ever seen. He had always been close to coming up with
something actually useful to a society. This time he was closer than anyone he ever knew or would meet.

The VI was used to relay everything Sphinx could see through his new eye to Jeff. Apparently Sphinx had a plan, Jeff was alright with that
as long as the money kept flowing. Jeffs first job, write a few programs to detect heat signals, night vision, and signal detection for every kind of
frequency ranging from electromagnetic to radio. The hardest part was fitting all the indicators on one screen, he moved a few snipets of code around
noting a few algorythms and patters for later. Eventually they decided to have bacteria and radiation detectors removed and placed on the hardware.
So he created a miniversion of the virtual interface for home use. Maby he could keep it as a little windfall to barter with. Plus he could modify the
radiation detection for an indicator of the paranormal. All of this overwhelmed him, so Aurora picked it off for awhile. “She’s actually not bad.’
He thought. ‘Damn straight I’m a hell of alot faster than you, eat my dust.’ That was Aurora using his subvocals to make a consciense albiet female voice.
‘Don’t pop your circuts just yet. Wait until I’m back in shape and the rust wears off.’

JJ bought a few gadgets of his own now that he has a pocket full of money. He made three separate trips and came back with a photon detecter, even better
for tracking gohsts a personal hobby. Random signals or intelligent entity he didn’t care he wanted results, collages, short publications, clubs, and of course
a side job or two from his hobby and that was just as well. Why not. Which is what he immediately did, at least until Alex got back from vacation. His
main job broker was understandibly busy.

The average job Alex put out was always a mid teir challenge cracking code, green kettle secrets, any kind of secret the use of leverage and blackmail.
All this information is packaged to the market and sold as research. “Now that is not good attitude Jeff, you must be legitamite, you should work on that.”
Aurora voiced through the nearby speaker.

“Legitamite, you haven’t been here long if you think that legitamate will survive on this hell hole.” Vocalizer needed twwking, Sphinxes voice was three
octaves to low and out of tune.

“I have a better idea of a life for us, well, career for you and soon as you customize Aurora, I know you will like it.”

“Remember Jeff, you are the chosen one, I am the synthetic one’ – “therefore I afford sensitivity” Apparently Sphinx was working with Aurora to play a little
joke. “I’m having enough trouble with Aurora getting in my head without you doing to Sphinx. And this is really getting annoying.”
He swiveled the chair around. “And where do you get off calling me the chosen one.”

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