‘Follow me, I can help you.’ The voice, absolutely lovely. Singing, I here singing song. I know this voice, this must be a trap, could be a trap, might be
a trap. Besides I can’t walk.

” You can if you will it to be so. Use your mind and float if you must, but hurry there is not much time.”

It was if he were pushing himself, like he pushed him self with his mind and that he was actually linked with every atom around him and naturally pushing
all the atoms in the opposite direction while the connectedness pulled him along.

Then he all at once pulled beside the light, there were many things happening and then. He pulled out of it.

He stared at the sealing.

‘Its about time slow poke. You’ve been knocked out for hours’

What was that, I can here a sarcastic voice.
‘I went through all that trouble going in your head and saving your butt. This is a learn as you go thing, you know. Haha yep they don’t teach this
in training.’

“What the..” Oh im dizzy I must of left the earpeice in.

‘Yeah you totally passed out dude. Man you must be some sort of wimp or somethin.’

‘By the circut, the earpeice your lookin for doesn’t exist. Its synthetically flushed down your ear tubes and now I’m all that’s left. Sorry about
your luck pal. You are stuck with me’

Jeff stands up shacking his head. “Hey Rat you could have given me a warning.”

“No need to, you took it better than I thought you would. It’s a simple biological response to – “Jeff Johnson isn’t a wimp, yeah I’ve read the headlines
… paranoia induced coma or some wack-a-do-flip-job hipster scumb bag came up with a Blackout Peggy.” Sphinx shrugged.

“Oh and for your info, your are stuck with me not the other way around. So get used to it.”

“Whatever you say.” Came a voice over the stereo speaker.

“So what you are over there now? First you’re in my head and now out there, so which is it.”

“Tis, tis Jeff. Is that what you go by.” The AI said in here best 20 yr punk girl umph.

“Just call me crispy for now for all I care.”
He was already spending his attention on the new interphase ” Which brings me to my last question why bother myself andy longer, no thanks required Jeff Johnson.
Sphinx I first wasnt to on behalf of Intelligent beings everywhere thank you for turning me on soto speak. According to pictures I’ve seen you are quite
hansom for a mouse.” The AI and Sphinx chat and seem to have a respectful fondness. “And Aurora I just thought would be the perfect name for you, and you
are fitting it very nicely,”, “I do thank you, for being so clever. I love it.” Within an hour Sphinx started talking clear and sophisticated topics Jeff
clearly didn’t care as he dove into a mar of books and programming while takeds a long drag of tobacco. “Ah the little things in life.”

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