“Hey!” Jeff detested “Whats wrong with my computer, the old gal runs great-damn neer quantum!

“I didn’t say get rid of it, do with it as you choose, we simply need an upgrade. About this AI we have to pick a name. How about Aurora,
yes how does that sound?” Sphinx.

“Dont know, dont care. She ain’t my girlfriend.”
“Ah, I see you have already agreed on gender I am glad for that.”

“She ain’t, or what ever the hell, it is your AI so I don’t care what you name it.”

“No Mr. Johnson she is your AI. And your responsibility. I expect you to treat her like the intelligent female she will be.”

“Fine, Aurora it is alright! Geeze, don’t get your feathers in a cluster. But where you get off throwing around responsibility fly flock, or flock
to fly, I dont know.” Jeff is pink, red, and his veins bulge almost as much as his eyeballs. The brown hair sticks on its ends
rather than down by his blonde eyebrows, and expression of static frustration apparently.

Sphinx jerks his head so the green glow of his is in full view facing him. It seems he is smiling through his teeth,
“Here put this in your ear.” hands Jeff a small piece.

“Fff, what the! Ouch, Ahggh. It’s squirming in my ear, I cant get it out.”

“Ha, ha, ha I have got you know, Mr. Johnson,” ‘You will forever be my slave, you have crossed the line and now I am in your head you will now do as I say.
Even in your dreams I will still get you. Haw, haw, haw.”

“WHAT THE HELL SPHINX! I trusted you. Now he starts to feel hands around his throut, he chokes. The light dims around the edge, the corners of the room
begin to vibrate and bend and change color. It’s getting smaller now, ever so small…’

So dark. I seem to have woken up. Where am I. Was I asleep, I don’t remember sleeping. Is this even real or am I dreaming. I can’t usually feel my body in a dream,
but hell I can feel it. He tries to think and thrust, but nothing moves or if it does he cant tell he is tourtured into the rememberance of what just
happened as the slow drops of ouzing panic embalms him at the thought he can’t control. There is no visual cortex left! I cant even imagine anymore, is
this what it feels like to be blind, or worse brain dead.

He is quiet now, for hours it seems no thought. Speckles of static and darkness that is all. But wait that is getting bigger! No, now it’s getting smaller.
If I ever get out of here that dirty rat is getting ripped to shreds.


What was that, a murmur, a moan maybe. ‘Noow.’ A beautiful light started to glow, a moaning, softly, calmly. Or was it a whale, some mystical sea creature.

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