“At any point Dev you certainly havent lost your knack or your attitude. Unfortunately I can not stay long.
That artificial eye you set us up with, thanks.”

“No, no thank you. That was some fat cash you dropped on somebody as I can see you don’t have a missing eye. Of course that was unlike you to pay triple

“Welp time is money. My client thanks you for your speed and choice of craftsmanship. That robotic doctor installed it with precision.” JJ’s eyebrow twitched
never before had he been not under suspicion, but with the responsibility to overpay.”

“Oh, and a vet doctor at that! Of course added much to the fees.” Sparkles in Devins wide eyes.

Right, right and I need not ask You of your sources. When the product is best its best you do not ask, lest you know from wence it came.” A motto to
hold. Rather a high price anyway. Jeff reved his engine up in classic finagle mode.”There is something else you can do for me, a few favors — for free
this time.”

“Free favors did you say?” Sure Jeff. I hope you ain’t messin with Vinnys cousin anymore, he does not take Kindly. Whatever you do dont talk to that girl.”

“No, no. Thats not it.” Jeff blushes with a sideways glance he gestures. “Ok, I’ll need you to do me an IT setup and I can tip you on that.
Fake ID passport, make that two, with tight overseas banking.

“Can I ask what exactly you need this for?” Devin rallied.

“No.” Plausible deniability, especially for Devin.

“The money I mean, how much will you be depositing?”

“Less than a mill, answer the question?” Jeff Johnson stated not too plainly.

“And when?”

“By the end of the night.”

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