The mass scaffolding and suspension itself had broken, the sure scale of its topling. Asimov on steroids could not send these shortwaves this is bad How could
such a child do such a thing as this. Hidden from view, not an incline. Wow, ha just as true as the conspiracy of 2025 that revealed intelligent life had
been found and cloned successfully overseas in Japan ten years prior. They said the clones didn’t live longer than a goldfish, no one believed that crap.
It tested psychological capacity to the limits never before surpassed. Here we are twenty years later and the waves have finally started to slow their swell.

His old jail mate was part of the movement to unveil this hideous monster the mob of hundreds found out their lab when the riot broke Sphinx stirred the pot
when he broke out as luck would have it he ran strait into my old pal. His parting words as he was be, hauld by riote police. “Jeff Johnson, go to hiim
he’s got nothing to loose.”

“So there I was fresh out of jail on the brink of pyschosis in the worst possible part of town close to living on the street or working dirty jobs for
the street for even dirtier pay. Sphinx literally wallked onto my lap. Spinx somehow came by a large sum of cash, Alex and the curb is desolate. Dusk is
setting in.”

After talking he strolls down the rainbow pavement dazed. Would he survive a month, a year he thinks, just like that. If it’s easy in it’s probably
easy out. Entering another hot-spot club, remains of the night before he chats to a few of old friends. Catches the gossip in a few blips he learns
“crap is still crap,” ; “The last five years…” That was had, “the area used to change with flow every three months despite the fads
new ownership must be setup around here.”
He made more rounds at his local favorite resturaunt Kurb Side diner with a back door market of many times stolen softwar and pawned hardware. “You know
even with AI its still nice not to have to do all your own mining these days.” Not only did they have tangibles but also the intangibles such as data,
/black market data the big corps dont let you see/ read the headline. There own blackmarket blog and newspaper. One guy perked up “Yeah rumor has it
they’re thinking of going national, problem is too much competition.” JJ smirked “No crap, you don’t say.” After the brats and rubin calzone he
checked on a used computer part store and a fancy new “legitamite” data mining cafe for coffe.

“Checker.” Decides to throw the game he should have thrown five turns a go. Today though he needs to keep Devin in a winning mood. Leader of the local
robotics club was one of Devins good buddy’s among the few of JJ’s connections through his dwindling supply of pals. Now a days he puts Devin and JJ on
the back burner.
and JJ on the back burner.

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