‘Ok good, JJ but we are not out of the rabbit hole yet. The password needed as shown by the command prompt.
Da da dum… and we’re in. Three guesses not bad, putting some oil in gear. Ha, system maintenance used commonly during
those years manufactures would always use a few default passwords for the IT guys and sometimes the user would forget to delete
those maintenance passwords. Works like a charm.’

‘Aurora engage observation program key logger, and see if any programs were opened or written recently just in case, check-history
and software transmitted. Hustle, the International Computing Authorities should be processing the car accident, they’ll be here later
today. I ain’t goin back to jail for this shit, Alex can shove it.
‘All records copied from history and software transmissions, the computer is running slow JJ, must be booby trapped this might take another 
ten to fifteen minutes.’ Aurora was disappointed.

Jeff stared at the USB. ‘Send Sphinx to take care of it.’ He couldn’t risk it. Aurora played dumb ‘Why, take care of what, JJ.’

Jeff got pink in his cheek ‘ The USB obviously.’

Sphinx is very smart by all standards, even as a mouse. Bionic eye has been useful to their survalence unit. Its dual purpose
provides more flexibility then anything on the ground and operates as a signal transfer the Aurora and Jeff. Altering different
fields into crisp images and ray detection. For Sphinx this should be easy.

Jeff took off down the ally and blended in with the busy people walking on the side walk.

Jeff Johnson remembers the first day when he was fresh out of the grinder, out of sink with the rest of
public was nothing new. He usually wasn’t even out of sink with the sub-cults of the flaming techno fads.
A lot of glamour and flash fads either fades out of existence or fades into the fabric. It always boils back to the meld.
Fithy, grime and pipe-works, people seemed to be hopping to a new dance. Either something or someone was stirring the pot. He was
out of sink when he met Sphinx. No money, connections, or specialties. Might as well have been the first day of school.
The technology hadn’t set in.

A product of genetic twisting and biochemical experimentation. And how wonderful it is. Sphinx has 10 times the lifespan and twenty
fold the intelligence for the norm of his species And he landed on his lap. Not out of selection, or honor or of any other
virtue but the virtue of estrangism. The tarot of natural order, money, and esoteric technofeinism. Jeff quickly brokered a deal
from the heavens down to dirt. This was solar hot property that even he might not be able to hold quiet for long. Take that back,
quiet: yes, hidden:no.

He had broken out of a lab, top security entombed the place, deceived the scientists with mind games
and orchestrated his own escape right under their noses.

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