Charles Pursy was rich. He owned business after business from a meager beginnings. He had all the love and held to a high standard all of those around him.
His teachers were honored to have taught him. Very lucky and very fretful he gave back what he could. Always he thought outside the box, on occasion he
was right. And this was no different.
“That is not unreasonable, when do you want to have it. By what date do you want it I mean.”

“Let me clarify a few small matters with you first.” He thrust his fist into Charles gut, after a few more minutes of torture from Pearsons henchman 
the pain stopped. Years of boxing.

“Mr.Pursy we’ve seen your books. One million up front and overseas and amill every year after, dispursed from cash flows.
Your retained earnings we will get into later, to be invested as venture capital and some other third tier vendors. You will have much
more power than you do know that I will guarantee.

Pursy typed his account number onto the touch-pad Pearson gave him. “One million, done”

Pearson grinned showing all his teeth “As a lastin reminder we are a global organized criminal organization we don’t play games, we know
your every move.”

“That is where you are wrong. You can’t begin to know me, what happens when I choose to end this little venture.”

“I’ve thought of that,” Pearson grabbed a ball off the tripod. He mumbles “Trust is what a company relies on, I trust your employees have
medical coverage because you care about their health. You keep adequate records of identification and social security in a very secure database
because you care about their security and safety.

We also have that, we know when and where they vacation, where they live, who they call, and when they shit. Give us what we want for a while
and rest assured you’ll have your life back in the proper place it should be. Your ex-wife might even take you back once we are though you will
see things are better this way.

Looks at him pointing his ugly eye in its shrewdest form “Alright. One last thing you are forgetting. What am I getting out of this.”
And there in Mr.Charles Chuck Pursy had lost his honor, the last straw of his own moral standard. Pearson had won the last greatest Business man of old.


The computer was jamming. Jeff rerouted the signal and alerted Aurora to finish and test the code. In thirty seconds Aurora had tested,debugged,
at her mainframe construct she rewrote all of the remaining code. The USB flash drive was now accepted. The signal was to create a ploy imitating
the computer signal as if it were the real thing to snatching up any discrepancy to create an almost exact copy.

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