‘I have something strange coming through the data strings. There have been a reported two deaths in the last three months, a total five in the last year alone,
Police are investigating.’

“That is puzzling. What were the cause.”

‘All suicide, they were of ages 20 to 40. Investigation while still underway seems to be agreeing with local reporter headlines of a suicide cult.’

“Roomers have big noise these days, even politicians take note.”

Sounds subdued yet Aurora maintains formality. ‘From other informatics local gangs, prison breaks, and small time con-artistry has been arise. The computer mainframe
linked to GPS and Handel AI informatics has a block on further public information. That is normal corporate privacy now days, rights of the corporation in this area.
Of course hackers eat this up like roadkill. This search returns another dead end Jeff.



“Mr. Pursy,” a six-foot-two man in a business suit gestured ” lets be honest, you have a lot of money and no friends or family. A personality disorder. Oh and no one likes you. Two body guards
smile and chuckle the bald one especially louder.

“You have lots of money, why people respect you. If you want my respect you pay me. Consider it a tax write off. I’m the collector, understand. Now tell me
what is your cash flow and retained assets” The gestures stopped and he stared Pearson square in the eye. His face got red. Slightly bobs his head without eye
contact he speaks “Oh, I dunno. I’ll have to take a look at the books.”

Pearson jerks his suit down a bit “I don’t have time for this, I don’t care what you situation is, and I know you have money. Your a smart man Pursy, if your
smart you’ll give me the money. Im the organized crime, but I’m also a business man. So “Chuck” you better make sure that’s what I get.”

Both body guards mock him “Yeah, huhu, Chuck. Sounds better than what exactly.”

The henchman grumble “Uh, well what you said Boss.”

“Pearson is the only name that sounds good to you am I clear.”

“Yes sir.” “Yes boss.”

With smooth gentle eyes Pearson speaks calmly admiring the room. ” Like you Chuck I was a business man first, out to lead my people to prosperity.
We believe in prosperity, but only through the hard labour and daily toil and frustrations as I am sure you have endured many times over.
We are’t unreasonable. We just don’t want to get screwed for every penny we have, and you are going to guarantee that we don’t.”

With a sleek smile he said “I don’t want all of your money Mr.Pearson, just most of it. All through the natural business cycle of course.


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