“Life is simple,” thought Jeff “input output.”
Laying down the Russian imitation of the slovakian eleven cmps Projectile Plasma gun with an additional South American converter linked with the
Retro Columbian Taser for one hell of a punch, unlike the modern Colombian Taser SG52, the regular 11 Projectile Plasma Gun especially is equipped with
the traditionally used CT_SG12 which is systematic nervous system paralyzing technology.

While the CT_SG52 in terms of capability, is mainly utilizing a variance in the electrical amplitude to disrupt the streamlined currents to shut down
system hardware and synthetical robotics – meaning a disruption far too powerful a human can withstand. So the 11 PPG is used for emergency and the
CTSG12 for disabling the opponents tools. Jeff modified it to dual wield, although it took a bit of time and Jeff thought it was elaboate. More cleaning and maintenance,
the silver outlier was his favorite style. He placed the plasma projectile on the living room desk with the taser.


Outside the window he saw the commotional aftermath of a rear-ended car, time to go. The Thracian artifact, a mask, he threw into the satchel closing the re-rendered
hologram and shoving it back in the levered brown suit case. Aurora his personal AI spoke through his micro earpiece, ‘Jeff do you really think this is
the path you should take? I mean, man Jeff I know you got spunk and all but this does not seem like the right entry.’

Jeff shook his head disoriented winging himself down the curled over hangings down the hallway. “Jeff, I have done the research and looked for symmetries in the
algorithm, everything the data is telling me it isn’t there.” He grunted using his sub-vocals he specifically designed Aurora to interpret, sub-vocals are your inner Voice
and inner vocal cords as sub-conscience voice, his Japanese buddy Komeah trained to think without it, Aurora also acts as a firewall dispatching a zero signal.

“It is there, ” His voice broke, “Just check the data again.” Turning right to the exit door out of the stairwel, ducking his head down and throwing up his hoodie.
“That or it’s invisible.” Aurora interjected with a tone of implemented intelligent inertia ‘Maybe, you are wrong, that’s not unusual of course, but possibly
there isn’t any data type, maybe they left a physical paper trail-inhibiting any way to come across that information via the information highway, however
I will run the calculation over again.’

Exiting the tall building, Jeff drew out his gun simultaneously his right hand comes across his body jamming the charger on as he walked.
Quickly without looking, his left hand pulls the trigger at the rear-ended car, the 11 PPG hissed and wrathed it’s invisible coils. It tases through the empty
car throwing its net disabling everything in the light of day. The electric field was no more. The recoil made a passerby flinch.

As he walks briskly recalibrates the pistol then disengages the safety. “Aurora, check for roaches, bugs, and – worms,” ‘already on it JJ, locating possible sources
as we speak, possible zombie computer 38 percent, and numbers still crunching, JJ, looks like a live one.’

“Damn!” JJ Jerks his head, referring to the 11PPT, “Glad we modified the old gal.” He taps the plasma side with his hand.

‘Does 22 Pearson have any bio – ‘Just a cat. I believe a few synthetic robotic devises are jumbling around but with no detection capabilities, other than
greetings, which increases’ — The probability of zombie computers used by hackers from other locations, I know, I know’ Jeff’s smile curves up ‘You think
all bios are stupid don’t you, but you know we also have something else going for us.’

Aurora katinated loudly ‘Like what? Your stink!’
‘Jeff Johnson clearly doesn’t smell.’ Now he speaks audibly, changing from sub-vocals, resetting course on another tunnel-way. He grabs the ivory cross
from under his shirt and kiss it.

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