The mass scaffolding and suspension itself had broken, the sure scale of its topling. Asimov on steroids could not send these shortwaves this is bad How could
such a child do such a thing as this. Hidden from view, not an incline. Wow, ha just as true as the conspiracy of 2025 that revealed intelligent life had
been found and cloned successfully overseas in Japan ten years prior. They said the clones didn’t live longer than a goldfish, no one believed that crap.
It tested psychological capacity to the limits never before surpassed. Here we are twenty years later and the waves have finally started to slow their swell.

His old jail mate was part of the movement to unveil this hideous monster the mob of hundreds found out their lab when the riot broke Sphinx stirred the pot
when he broke out as luck would have it he ran strait into my old pal. His parting words as he was be, hauld by riote police. “Jeff Johnson, go to hiim
he’s got nothing to loose.”

“So there I was fresh out of jail on the brink of pyschosis in the worst possible part of town close to living on the street or working dirty jobs for
the street for even dirtier pay. Sphinx literally wallked onto my lap. Spinx somehow came by a large sum of cash, Alex and the curb is desolate. Dusk is
setting in.”

After talking he strolls down the rainbow pavement dazed. Would he survive a month, a year he thinks, just like that. If it’s easy in it’s probably
easy out. Entering another hot-spot club, remains of the night before he chats to a few of old friends. Catches the gossip in a few blips he learns
“crap is still crap,” ; “The last five years…” That was had, “the area used to change with flow every three months despite the fads
new ownership must be setup around here.”
He made more rounds at his local favorite resturaunt Kurb Side diner with a back door market of many times stolen softwar and pawned hardware. “You know
even with AI its still nice not to have to do all your own mining these days.” Not only did they have tangibles but also the intangibles such as data,
/black market data the big corps dont let you see/ read the headline. There own blackmarket blog and newspaper. One guy perked up “Yeah rumor has it
they’re thinking of going national, problem is too much competition.” JJ smirked “No crap, you don’t say.” After the brats and rubin calzone he
checked on a used computer part store and a fancy new “legitamite” data mining cafe for coffe.

“Checker.” Decides to throw the game he should have thrown five turns a go. Today though he needs to keep Devin in a winning mood. Leader of the local
robotics club was one of Devins good buddy’s among the few of JJ’s connections through his dwindling supply of pals. Now a days he puts Devin and JJ on
the back burner.
and JJ on the back burner.

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“At any point Dev you certainly havent lost your knack or your attitude. Unfortunately I can not stay long.
That artificial eye you set us up with, thanks.”

“No, no thank you. That was some fat cash you dropped on somebody as I can see you don’t have a missing eye. Of course that was unlike you to pay triple

“Welp time is money. My client thanks you for your speed and choice of craftsmanship. That robotic doctor installed it with precision.” JJ’s eyebrow twitched
never before had he been not under suspicion, but with the responsibility to overpay.”

“Oh, and a vet doctor at that! Of course added much to the fees.” Sparkles in Devins wide eyes.

Right, right and I need not ask You of your sources. When the product is best its best you do not ask, lest you know from wence it came.” A motto to
hold. Rather a high price anyway. Jeff reved his engine up in classic finagle mode.”There is something else you can do for me, a few favors — for free
this time.”

“Free favors did you say?” Sure Jeff. I hope you ain’t messin with Vinnys cousin anymore, he does not take Kindly. Whatever you do dont talk to that girl.”

“No, no. Thats not it.” Jeff blushes with a sideways glance he gestures. “Ok, I’ll need you to do me an IT setup and I can tip you on that.
Fake ID passport, make that two, with tight overseas banking.

“Can I ask what exactly you need this for?” Devin rallied.

“No.” Plausible deniability, especially for Devin.

“The money I mean, how much will you be depositing?”

“Less than a mill, answer the question?” Jeff Johnson stated not too plainly.

“And when?”

“By the end of the night.”

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“Hey!” Jeff detested “Whats wrong with my computer, the old gal runs great-damn neer quantum!

“I didn’t say get rid of it, do with it as you choose, we simply need an upgrade. About this AI we have to pick a name. How about Aurora,
yes how does that sound?” Sphinx.

“Dont know, dont care. She ain’t my girlfriend.”
“Ah, I see you have already agreed on gender I am glad for that.”

“She ain’t, or what ever the hell, it is your AI so I don’t care what you name it.”

“No Mr. Johnson she is your AI. And your responsibility. I expect you to treat her like the intelligent female she will be.”

“Fine, Aurora it is alright! Geeze, don’t get your feathers in a cluster. But where you get off throwing around responsibility fly flock, or flock
to fly, I dont know.” Jeff is pink, red, and his veins bulge almost as much as his eyeballs. The brown hair sticks on its ends
rather than down by his blonde eyebrows, and expression of static frustration apparently.

Sphinx jerks his head so the green glow of his is in full view facing him. It seems he is smiling through his teeth,
“Here put this in your ear.” hands Jeff a small piece.

“Fff, what the! Ouch, Ahggh. It’s squirming in my ear, I cant get it out.”

“Ha, ha, ha I have got you know, Mr. Johnson,” ‘You will forever be my slave, you have crossed the line and now I am in your head you will now do as I say.
Even in your dreams I will still get you. Haw, haw, haw.”

“WHAT THE HELL SPHINX! I trusted you. Now he starts to feel hands around his throut, he chokes. The light dims around the edge, the corners of the room
begin to vibrate and bend and change color. It’s getting smaller now, ever so small…’

So dark. I seem to have woken up. Where am I. Was I asleep, I don’t remember sleeping. Is this even real or am I dreaming. I can’t usually feel my body in a dream,
but hell I can feel it. He tries to think and thrust, but nothing moves or if it does he cant tell he is tourtured into the rememberance of what just
happened as the slow drops of ouzing panic embalms him at the thought he can’t control. There is no visual cortex left! I cant even imagine anymore, is
this what it feels like to be blind, or worse brain dead.

He is quiet now, for hours it seems no thought. Speckles of static and darkness that is all. But wait that is getting bigger! No, now it’s getting smaller.
If I ever get out of here that dirty rat is getting ripped to shreds.


What was that, a murmur, a moan maybe. ‘Noow.’ A beautiful light started to glow, a moaning, softly, calmly. Or was it a whale, some mystical sea creature.

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‘Follow me, I can help you.’ The voice, absolutely lovely. Singing, I here singing song. I know this voice, this must be a trap, could be a trap, might be
a trap. Besides I can’t walk.

” You can if you will it to be so. Use your mind and float if you must, but hurry there is not much time.”

It was if he were pushing himself, like he pushed him self with his mind and that he was actually linked with every atom around him and naturally pushing
all the atoms in the opposite direction while the connectedness pulled him along.

Then he all at once pulled beside the light, there were many things happening and then. He pulled out of it.

He stared at the sealing.

‘Its about time slow poke. You’ve been knocked out for hours’

What was that, I can here a sarcastic voice.
‘I went through all that trouble going in your head and saving your butt. This is a learn as you go thing, you know. Haha yep they don’t teach this
in training.’

“What the..” Oh im dizzy I must of left the earpeice in.

‘Yeah you totally passed out dude. Man you must be some sort of wimp or somethin.’

‘By the circut, the earpeice your lookin for doesn’t exist. Its synthetically flushed down your ear tubes and now I’m all that’s left. Sorry about
your luck pal. You are stuck with me’

Jeff stands up shacking his head. “Hey Rat you could have given me a warning.”

“No need to, you took it better than I thought you would. It’s a simple biological response to – “Jeff Johnson isn’t a wimp, yeah I’ve read the headlines
… paranoia induced coma or some wack-a-do-flip-job hipster scumb bag came up with a Blackout Peggy.” Sphinx shrugged.

“Oh and for your info, your are stuck with me not the other way around. So get used to it.”

“Whatever you say.” Came a voice over the stereo speaker.

“So what you are over there now? First you’re in my head and now out there, so which is it.”

“Tis, tis Jeff. Is that what you go by.” The AI said in here best 20 yr punk girl umph.

“Just call me crispy for now for all I care.”
He was already spending his attention on the new interphase ” Which brings me to my last question why bother myself andy longer, no thanks required Jeff Johnson.
Sphinx I first wasnt to on behalf of Intelligent beings everywhere thank you for turning me on soto speak. According to pictures I’ve seen you are quite
hansom for a mouse.” The AI and Sphinx chat and seem to have a respectful fondness. “And Aurora I just thought would be the perfect name for you, and you
are fitting it very nicely,”, “I do thank you, for being so clever. I love it.” Within an hour Sphinx started talking clear and sophisticated topics Jeff
clearly didn’t care as he dove into a mar of books and programming while takeds a long drag of tobacco. “Ah the little things in life.”

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Light years from anything he had ever studied and a solar system away from anything he had ever seen. He had always been close to coming up with
something actually useful to a society. This time he was closer than anyone he ever knew or would meet.

The VI was used to relay everything Sphinx could see through his new eye to Jeff. Apparently Sphinx had a plan, Jeff was alright with that
as long as the money kept flowing. Jeffs first job, write a few programs to detect heat signals, night vision, and signal detection for every kind of
frequency ranging from electromagnetic to radio. The hardest part was fitting all the indicators on one screen, he moved a few snipets of code around
noting a few algorythms and patters for later. Eventually they decided to have bacteria and radiation detectors removed and placed on the hardware.
So he created a miniversion of the virtual interface for home use. Maby he could keep it as a little windfall to barter with. Plus he could modify the
radiation detection for an indicator of the paranormal. All of this overwhelmed him, so Aurora picked it off for awhile. “She’s actually not bad.’
He thought. ‘Damn straight I’m a hell of alot faster than you, eat my dust.’ That was Aurora using his subvocals to make a consciense albiet female voice.
‘Don’t pop your circuts just yet. Wait until I’m back in shape and the rust wears off.’

JJ bought a few gadgets of his own now that he has a pocket full of money. He made three separate trips and came back with a photon detecter, even better
for tracking gohsts a personal hobby. Random signals or intelligent entity he didn’t care he wanted results, collages, short publications, clubs, and of course
a side job or two from his hobby and that was just as well. Why not. Which is what he immediately did, at least until Alex got back from vacation. His
main job broker was understandibly busy.

The average job Alex put out was always a mid teir challenge cracking code, green kettle secrets, any kind of secret the use of leverage and blackmail.
All this information is packaged to the market and sold as research. “Now that is not good attitude Jeff, you must be legitamite, you should work on that.”
Aurora voiced through the nearby speaker.

“Legitamite, you haven’t been here long if you think that legitamate will survive on this hell hole.” Vocalizer needed twwking, Sphinxes voice was three
octaves to low and out of tune.

“I have a better idea of a life for us, well, career for you and soon as you customize Aurora, I know you will like it.”

“Remember Jeff, you are the chosen one, I am the synthetic one’ – “therefore I afford sensitivity” Apparently Sphinx was working with Aurora to play a little
joke. “I’m having enough trouble with Aurora getting in my head without you doing to Sphinx. And this is really getting annoying.”
He swiveled the chair around. “And where do you get off calling me the chosen one.”

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## Things comming along nicely, starting to remember more, and visualization improvement in writing.
## To work on the little grammer mistakes need worked on.

“Well to be modest, I am one of the oldest and most intelligent creatures alive, much older than you are. Since I chose you to be my team hense
chosen one. You and Aurora both have a responsibility now.” The room grew quiet.

” Good talk Sphinx, I think you’re growing on me.”
“You and I’m chosen number two, huh. But responsibility, wow, never had that before awesome.”

” And sinse we are on the subject I’ve fixed your VI so you can start testing out your eye full throttle, while you were raiding the local cheesecake
factory I got feild equipment. So how about we stick to this plan of yours for the next 40 hours and see how far that gets us.” ‘Oh Aurora its Jeff,
why do you think Sphinx is going through all the trouble of working jobs if he’s got all this money, head rush you think?’ ‘Mm money will
eventually run out Jeff, as for alterior motives he’s lived in a lab his whole life maby he’d actually like to live it. I don’t think he is going for
global mouse domination if thats what you mean.’

‘Ha, ha, very funny. Which reminds me how do I shut you up when your jokes get dry.’

‘You can do it manually and figure it out yourself, otherwise just ask I will still be off not like you have no privacy. I don’t live here, you know
I’ve got my own life too. I live in your computer but also another place of my own, a construct.’

‘Oh, actually no I didn’t know that.’

He called Alex shortly after via web phone.. In luck. A glitch tracking job. The spawn of a different era.
Alex and he were years apart but mastered hobbiests of the transparent age of artifact and land paranomalia. Sowing the faberic and foundations
to a tight nit group of obsessives, swindlers and upper enchilon excitement. The drug induced slums fueled paranoia but despite the forged
allusions JJ found to be the proper pipeline for connecting intellect and instinct. Alex owed him. “Thank you old friend, I wish you well on this job.
Do good and you will see more of this I can assure.” He envisions Alex in a silk robe with gold lasers that match his visage.
Probably doing more business than vacationing.

Hours later he fought the headaches, ignored neck cramps and buckled concentration. Runs fingertips accross his glasses, indiferent to distraction, a
type of hyper focus. A speckled chip on the uppper left of his lense seemed to be cause of irritation. He breaks from his computer
before inserts the password. “Aghh, time for a nap. Sphinx you are in. The eye is online now.”

White space covered the area, despit his excitement the mist made the area seem gloomy. Virtual space was always a pleasure but not as much
with the many times he had entered under careful observation of the scientist. The wanted intelligent being proven to interact and surpass
that of the other intelligent humans. Many times he goes into a hub of local networks rarely as a reward he was able to wonder freely in open world.
When he broke out he entered on his own in virtual world he was now equal to the humans in body, mind, soul.

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Circumvates the area, a super culmination of instinct intelligence truely free. The default body was not to his liking,
he quickly changed it to a customized form into that of the feline sphynx, naked and agile. Deliberate sure movement, silence to the dance of his grace.
‘I am the sphynx, the most evolved species known to man. Portal open and close for him.

JJ pop another asperin in his mouth, can not sleep because of flashback. He remember how disollusion can control him as
was with Jessica. Years ago, Alex Vinnys cousin on a gohst hunt had had fun.
Too much fun is not good. Vinny could not be happy with Jessica she is a drug addict; chemical, senthetic, bios, it didn’t matter. what is worse when he
confirm that JJ was also a drug addict his suspicions coiled. Maby JJ was not as bad could control himself more, but there was dishonor in it.
JJ even worse is more than just business, he is like a distant relative, familly. They should not face each other again, lest he must intervene. On the other hand
he kinda wanted to. Not for any real reason, more of an spiritual fealing of another time another place of love once had and love to come in another
life a strong duplicity he must atlas act upon, she no doubt feal the same, away from her this place could be the best thing to keep her safe. Not even
Vinny can gaurantee his or her safety on these streets.

Midsection of glow geoaquarium surround the room. Organism of living peace, every life is interconnected. The value of one is the value of another that is shared.
A man named Ray lays a quarterly result on the table with a short summary best paraphrased in as Pursy put “So we made money.” Immediately after
Roy left, Pursy places his account number and transfers two hundred and fifty thousand to power ring of Pearson Spinoza. Red and brown root surround
crystalline minerals, the best mandarine in the world jit just above the surface water, a feint trickle could be heard below the sound of leaves blowing.

…Two weeks later…

JJ was almost losing his dimeanor, public is always making him ship out his normal element. Almost out of market now. A Hollywood actor, an imposter.
Hustle on the street, bump into him on a walkway he just watch his feet. KNOW where he’s going. Face of the weary. Flustered crowd today.
A symphony swoone violins and tremello french horn. Aurora ‘ How do you like the music.’, ‘Good I thought you would.’

‘Sure. USB has been, information copy and retrieval faster than expected.’

‘Sorry, ah I don’t think I can hear you.’ Paper boy make an eye contact, JJ noted and stopped him with a peice of coin.

‘I am picking Sphinx up now’

‘In what’ Near a cheese vendor and farmer grazes a few vegtables and picks up a roll. ‘Jack cars too?’

‘Sphinx is allowing for an expense account, I rented a car jack-ass.’ His smile show only after the cheese roll was bought, his beard shook in Amish gratitude.
Silk money. Not a hard day in his life. Rules he live by are only two knowledge and execution. More noble than he work for corporation an venture capital, ya
real ethical too too much stable for him.

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